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Brighten up with a MAC makeup eye shadow palette

If you are new to the world of makeup MAC is a good place to start. Many people struggle when it comes to applying eyeshadow. Opting for the cheap way out as a novice will only lead to frustration. This is a powder that blends in well with high levels of pigments. When applying the powder you will find that it goes on evenly, making you achieve the look you want.

Whether it is the smokey eye look or a natural appearance you are trying to create the MAC eyeshadow palette caters for everyone. This is the first choice for the make up artist most of the time and with a rainbow of colors available it is no wonder why it has become such a popular choice. MAC sells these colors in shades of 4. You may see specials going during the holiday season with specially designed colors and shades available.

How to create your very own MAC eyeshadow palette
Making up your own eyeshadow may seem like the logical way to go if you are someone who is always trying out something new. Not only is it practical and sensible, but it will also save you a couple of dollars. By sending your empty pots back to MAC you will receive a free lipstick. When making up a color, think of what you usually wear on a daily basis. Different palettes can be designed according to the time of day or for different seasons. You may want something cool for Summer and then warm it up for the cooler months. Most cosmetic companies will sell empty palettes and that will make things easier for you.

Knowing you are not being sold a fake MAC makeup eyeshadow
Fake products are sold over the web every minute on eBay and sadly it puts online shoppers off from shopping on a site like that. All it takes is a little wisdom and common sense because it isĀ  those that don’t think before pressing the purchase button that are most likely to get caught out.

In the case of a MAC makeup product like eyeshadow make sure there is an image present. Often the scammer doesn’t get the logo positioned in the right place or it may not match up to that of the original product. The price will definitely be too good to be true as well. Look for seller references before doing anything drastic. MAC doesn’t sell colors in many varieties in one pan. You will normally get a pan of four so this is one way to spot a fake.

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