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Choosing The Best Eyelash Extension Glue

Most of us are amazed at the beautiful eyes of the celebrities. How do they have such beautiful eyes and lashes? They are so long, thick and dark in color enhancing the overall glamor. If money is not a problem anyone can get the same lush lashes. But for those who are on a tight budget they may have to think twice before choosing this option. Before using the fake eyelashes, it is very important to know about the eyelash
extension glue. How to get the best glue for fixing the lashes?

Choosing the Best Eyelashes Extension Glue

The most important aspect while using the false lashes is the extension glue. It is used for sticking the false lashes to the original lashes to make them look thicker, longer and more gorgeous. Since there are different types of glues available you have to know what the best is for you. The glue you will be using depends on the type of false eyelash you will be using. These extensions come in the form of individual lashes or strips.

What glue you need for eyelash extensions

By choosing the right glue you will be able to get the exact kind of effect you are looking for. Some of the different types include the premium, sensitive, clear and advanced glues.

The premium type is good for the false eyelashes and helps the lashes to withstand humidity and moisture. It has a watery consistency making it very easy to apply. You can set the eyelashes in about 3-4 seconds and they stay for about six weeks. It does not produce fumes or contain formaldehyde.

The sensitive type is used by beginners. It takes about 13 seconds for the leashes to set by using this adhesive. The black adhesive has no smell or irritation. It lasts for over two weeks.

The clear adhesive is used for attaching colored lashes and glitter, it is also transparent.

The advanced type is usually used by experienced technicians for applications. It takes just seven seconds and lasts for over two weeks. There is no irritation or fumes while applying.

Permanent Eyelash Extension Cost

If you are really in need of eyelash extensions you have to know about the costs. The lashes can be applied both permanently and temporarily. A permanent eyelash extension will last for two months or longer. The attached lashes fall out when the natural lash grows and falls out. You need to ensure proper care and maintenance for longevity. The cost of such extensions may be around $300-500. You may have to keep filling in at least in every 2-4 weeks when they start to fall out. This may cost around $40.

In some places you can get the extensions done at a lower cost, for around $80-100. But you have to think of safety first before choosing such options. There are products that will help you to have the extension for one day. It will cost you only about $25. It will easily come off with your makeup. You can also get permanent eyelash extensions transplanted by doctors for about $5,000. The cost of the eyelash extension glue depends on various factors like type of glue, brand etc.

Top 10 questions regarding individual eyelash extensions

Why are the lashes falling off?

This is probably because you are not putting enough glue on. Make sure you don’t overdo it either. You have to wait until the glue gets tacky and this will be the right medium to apply it on top.

Can I wear mascara on top of the lashes?

There is no need because it has that look already. If you apply extra you will damage the lash.

How do I clean my lashes?

Stay away from any oil-based substances because you will watch your lashes fall off. Turn to water because this is going to do the trick.

What about wearing other eye makeup?

It is not a problem wearing other makeup like eye shadow and eye liner. This is encouraged, but you won’t need the mascara. When it comes to removing your makeup make sure that you don’t have anything that is oil-based which will come into contact with your lashes. Use a sideways motion rather than a downward action which will destroy your lashes quickly.

How long will they last?

Everyone will tell you something different. If you are having semi-permanent lashes put in then they can last up to a month. Don’t let anyone tell you they are going to last longer. It also depends on the environment you are in. If you are a lady of leisure and you spend your days around the pool then you will find that they will stay in longer, but if you are exposed to steam because of your work situation then you have to expect a couple more trips to the salon.

What about in-fills?

You may find that a lash has fallen out and this is because of how your natural lash grows so you have to have in-fills every 2-4 weeks if you have had this done by a professional. If you find yourself  a good salon, which is important, then they will take out the lashes that have grown to long and will replace them.

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